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MOQ : 1 set
SUPPLY :10 sets/month
PORT :Qingdao, China
PACKAGING :Plastic Film or MDF Box.

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NCB3010S is especial flexible CNC boring machine which can link up with other furniture making software directly without extra setting up work, boring 5 sides and grooving bottom in one process.

Machine running status report, processing work according to drawings, graphical edit of work, and order data are well managed by having open port of software which also can link up with relevant furniture software, making this machine operating so friendly. Panels automatically move-in the machine by clamps to ensure high standard of drilling quality and processing efficiency. Automatic lubrication system used to oil precise transmission components in time, effectively protect the transmission mechanism. Options are dual clamps; and extended feeding table to allow processing work much easier without next adjustments.

Technical Data:

Panel size Panel width: 50-1,000mm (900mm for grooving)
Panel length: ≥300mm
Panel thickness: 10-50mm
Drilling unit
Vertical drills 18
Horizontal drills 8 (2*2 in X direction+2*2 in Y direction)
Rotating speed: 4,000rpm
Traveling speed X./Y/V axis: 5-70m/min Z/U axis: 5-25m/min
Diameter of handles 10mm
Max. boring diameter 35mm
Main spindle
Qty. 1
Power: 3.5kw
Rotating speed: 18,000rpm
Dust collector Φ125mm
Working voltage 380V 50Hz
Overall dimension 3,150*2,200*1,700mm
Power 10kw
Net weight 2,700kg

Basic function:

The equipment is able to drill the panel from front back left right and bottom on five sides, and then groove the underside (Optional). Equipped with automatic panel guide for automatic positioning; fast processing, saves time, saves space, simple operation, and saves trouble.


1. Pressuring device

Ø Rubber wheel used to move panels for processing continuously and stably without any scratches on panel surface.

Ø Double pressure device designed to pressure panel on top side.


2. Clamp

Ø High precise clamp designed for accuracy of feeding.

Ø Air- pressure adjustable positioning device.

Ø OPTION: 2 clamps


3. Automatic panel guide

Ø Panels are possible to be loaded automatically if the machine is positioned in the automatic line which reaches a high automatic degree.

Ø To ensure the continuity of processing.

4. Servo motor

Ø Five axis are activated by separate 5 famous-brand servo motors, give the machine added speed and precision, max. up to 70m/min in a processing cycle.

X axis—Panel movement by clamping

Y axis---Boring head movement

Z axis---Panel boring

U axis--- Boring head movement

(The same direction with X axis)

V axis---Panel guide movement


5. Drilling unit and grooving spindle router

Ø 18 vertical drills and 8 horizontal drills for higher performance and speed of boring, is able to drill the panel from front, back, left, right, and bottom on five sides then grooving on bottom through only one processing cycle
Ø Each drill is independent controlled.

6. Scanning gun

Ø Perfect docking external program or third party program system.

Ø Bar code reader.

7. Automatic lubrication system

Ø For longer service life, and normal operation, reduces additional possible costs of maintenance.

8. Conveyor rollers

Ø Used to transmit panels smoothly prevent any scratches on panel surface, also provides convenience for this machine to connect to automation line.

9. Software

Ø User friendly interface for convenient operation based on Windows operating system;

10. Control cabinet

Ø Independent electric cabinet;

Ø DELL display screen;

Ø USB port.